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13W3 M/F, 4.6M (15 ft.)

13W3 M/F, 4.6M (15 ft.)
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These are stock, fully molded cables. Constructed with precision 75 Ohm miniature coax for the R, G, B and Composite Sync lines for optimum extended distance/high resolution performance on Sun, SGI and IBM workstations. All other lines are also carried through with 26 AWG discreet wires to ensure proper sense pin decoding, VESA EDID communications as well as support separate or composite sync signals. There are 2 outer shields, 100 percent foil (with 25 percent overlap) and 87 percent tinned copper braid for maximum immunity from EMI/RFI interference across the frequency band. There are molded-in-place ferrite cores at the back of each connector to further dissipate EMI picked up from inside or outside the cable.