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13W3 M - HD15 F Sun Adapt.

13W3 M - HD15 F Sun Adapt.
Item# 1395-SUN
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Description: 13W3 Male to HD15 Female Adapter to connect Sun equipment with 13W3 port to standard HD15 VGA cable Details: Port adapter for Sun 13W3 framebuffers. Converts female 13W3 port to female HD15 (standard VGA type) port. Used to connect monitors with VGA (HD15) connectors to Sun systems with 13W3 framebuffer. Notes: Monitor must be compatible with the sync type, output resolution and refresh rate of the Sun framebuffer. Adapter will pass through composite sync on older framebuffers, separate syncs or composite sync on newer framebuffers. Adapter also connects VESA DDC lines for those framebuffers and monitors that support them.