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13W3 F - HD15 M CABLE 2ft

13W3 F - HD15 M CABLE 2ft
Item# 1397-CBL
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Converts the monitor's 13W3 male cable end to a VGA male cable end. Simply plug the adapter onto the end of the monitor's built-in 13W3 monitor cable. Notes: P/N 1397-CBL is for use with NEWER Sun monitor #'s 365- 1335, 1337, 1338, 1339, 1340, 1341, 1342, 1343 and 365-1345 or newer ONLY. HINT: If the 4 digits after the 365- are greater than 1335, AND the monitor has a 13W3 cable permanently attached, then this is the correct adapter for you! The scan circuitry in these monitors supports both DOS and Windows, standard & hi-res PC video outputs directly without the need for a special video card. The earlier models of these monitors are also identified by these model #'s: X7101A, NCC447L, X268A, GDM17E20, X267A, GDM20E20. This adapter cable is primarily for use on Sun monitors with built-in 13W3 cables and that were manufactured in 1998 or later.