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12U Compact Series SOHO Server Rack (No Doors)

Item# 1932-3-201-12


Kendall Howard is thrilled to introduce the new 8U and 12U Compact Series Server Racks. These sleek and robust server racks are for the small business, home office or IT professional who wants better than just good enough. With locking yet lift off front and back doors, casters, adjustable rails (with universal mounting holes), mesh front and rear doors and plenty of venting, the new low profile Compact Series Server Rack is perfect for those small, tight environments. Donít have the space for a server room full of tall racks? Maybe you only have just one or two servers and donít want to waste valuable office space. The Compact Series Server Rack is perfect for these and other limited space situation. This brawny rack fits under your desk, or acts as a Desktop rack for your servers and essential rackmountable items. Hardy and rugged, this rack will both look great in your location and protect your server investment. FeaturesAvailable heights: 8U, 12UWidth: 23.125 wideDepth: 31.125 (Outside), 30 deep (usable space)Rail Depth: Adjustable from 3 to 29 inchesRail Holes: Universal (requires cage nuts)Doors: Front and Back Locking Not included Fan: Included Casters: IncludedFront Door Style: Steel Mesh, Plexiglass (both included)Venting: All sidesWeight Capacity: 400 lbs.Color: Textured powder coat finish Ė black