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Ultra Spec Cable Inc. (now RiteAV) of NJ is your #1 source for the highest quality ethernet and fiber optic networking cables, as well as custom computer cables and wall plates at the lowest prices. Contact us for a quote today. 1-800-622-2537. Volume discounts available. Stock is not limited to what you see in our online catalog. We also accept custom cable orders.

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Custom 4 Gang Wall Plate with 24 Keystone Ports
Custom 2 Gang Wall Plate with 6 Keystone Port + 1 Power Outlet
Regular price: $68.95
On Sale: $41.95
Custom 6 Port Wall Plate Black (Choose Ports)
RiteAV 5 RCA Component Stereo Cable TV and 2 HDMI - USB - Ethernet Wall Plate
RiteAV 2 HDMI 3 x RCA Composite and Ethernet Coax USB Wallplate
RiteAV HDMI 3.5mm Audio Cat6 Shielded Coax RCA Composite USB Wall Plate
RiteAV Power Outlet Coax Cable TV HDMI 2 x Cat5e Blue and 2 x Cat5e Wall Plate
RiteAV 15A 125V Power Outlets + 8 x Cat6 Ethernet Triple 3 Gang Wall Plate
RiteAV Power 3 Port HDMI Composite 3-RCA A/V 2 Cat5e Ethernet Coax TV Wall Plate
RiteAV SVGA + 2 Cat5e Ethernet 1 HDMI USB A-A 3.5mm Coax Cable TV Wall Plate
RiteAV 4 Port HDMI 2 x Ethernet - USB 3 - 3.5mm 1 x Toslink and Coax Wall Plate
RiteAV 6 Port Speaker Jack Single Gang White Wall Plate for Home Theater
RiteAV 15A Power Outlet 4 Port HDMI 1 x Cat5e Ethernet Coax Cable TV Wall Plate
RiteAV Power 6 HDMI and 2-White 2-Black 2-Blue Cat6 RJ45 Ethernet Wall Plate
RiteAV 3 Port Cat5e Ethernet 1 x HDMI Phone USB and Coax Cable TV Wall Plate
RiteAV Power Outlet + 5 x Speaker Jacks and 1 x HDMI Wall Plate Decorative
RiteAV 4 x USB 2 x Cat6 Ethernet 1 HDMI and 1 x 3.5mm Audio Wall Plate
RiteAV 15 Amp 125V Power Outlet (2 USB Charger Receptacle) 1 Hdmi Wall Plate White
RiteAV 6 x Speaker Jack and 1 x RCA Blue Subwoofer Audio HDMI Port Wall Plate
RiteAV 4 Hdmi 3.5mm 4 Cat5e Coax Composite RCA Toslink 2 Usb A-A Wall Plate
RiteAV 2 Port HDMI 1 Cat6 Coax 3x RCA Composite USB Wall Plate
RiteAV 3 Port HDMI 1 x Coax 1 x RCA Subwoofer and 3 Speaker Jack Wallplate
RiteAV 3 Port HDMI 1 Coax Cable TV USB Digital Optical Ethernet 3.5mm Wallplate